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Upcoming Training

Teaching Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201 (June 2018)

Jun 11, 2018 to Jun 12, 2018

LOCATION: Mill Creek, WA (Seattle area) - DATES: June 11-12, 2018 LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR THIS TRAINING! This course focuses on "prevention" and will equip trainers to teach Healthy Boundaries 101 Fundamentals & 201 Beyond Basics. The course is designed for those who are designated by their judicatory or organization to train clergy and spiritual teachers about healthy boundaries. Read more...

What's New

May 22 Webinar with Rev. Kathy Reid

Register now for Consent Conversations: A Key to Healthy Relationships, a free online webinar. Rev. Kathy Reid, Executive Director of Family Abuse Center, will lead an online discussion about consent conversations with kids and teens. Using the concept of consent to help young people discern how to talk about all aspects of relationships--including sexuality--is a way to open conversations about healthy, respectful relationships. Read more...


Recent Blog Posts

Kings, Queens, and #MeToo: A Sermon for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

How many of you remember learning about Bathsheba in Sunday School or Bible class? Well, what I remember about Bathsheba was that she had tempted King David, causing him to sin. She was held up as the antithesis to Christian womanhood. I carried that notion until I was in seminary and read II Samuel for myself. The picture I saw there was very different. One thing I noticed immediately was that in the text we never hear Bathsheba’s voice. We hear David’s voice; we even hear Bathsheba’s husband’s voice. But never her voice.



How Long? A Psalm of Lament

How long, O God? How long must we wait? How long must we wait for a sweet cool drink of justice?



Guest Blog: Shame on Pope Francis for Casting Doubt on Clergy-Abuse Victims

This Op-Ed by our friend and colleague Mary Dispenza was published in the Seattle Times on January 26, 2018. Mary is allowing us to share it here with you. In scripture we find the lines, “If someone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.” Survivors of clerical sex abuse are tired of turning the other cheek — tired of lies and promises, especially by popes, who through the ages have formed commission after commission, held conference after conference, issued report after report, and made promise after promise.


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